How to Crochet, Part 2

Aug 27, 2016 | Crochet, Tutorials, Videos | 0 comments

Okeydokey, as promised ya’ll, here’s some more video tutorials and what not to help you get started crocheting. Hopefully, all this info has helped make crocheting make more sense and made it easier for you to take on some of the projects you’ve been wanting to do.

For me, crocheting is like meditation. The rhythm of it is soothing to me and helps my mind to center. I always feel better and more relaxed after I’m done. I guess that’s why I always find myself crocheting when I’ve gotten flustered over a problem and need to relax and clear my mind so I can tackle it again at a later date. We’ve all got our thing, and crocheting is mine.

I guess that’s why I enjoy sharing how to crochet with everyone. Hopefully, it will help ya’ll like it has helped me. Anyway ya’ll, on to the good stuff!

Here’re the rest of the videos. Three of them have patterns, so I’ve included a link to the printable versions along with the videos.

How to Make a Bobble Stitch (BO) in Crochet:

Click here for a printable copy of pattern chart and directions too!

 How to Make a Cluster Stitch in Crochet:

 How to Make a Double Treble Stitch (DTR) in Crochet:

How to Hide Strings in Your Crochet Project:

 How to Make a Picot (P.) in Crochet:

How to Make a Popcorn (POP -or- PC) in Crochet:

Click here for a printable copy of pattern chart and directions too!

 How to Make a Shell in Crochet:

How to make a Triple Treble Stitch (TRTR) in Crochet:

If all the videos weren’t enough, click below for a printable copy of lots of crochet terms, their abbreviations, and symbols. I’ve also included a conversion chart for US and UK terms. There’s probably more out there, but this is everything I’ve run across over the years. This list can be super helpful too if you’re new to crochet and trying to figure out a pattern’s chart and directions.

Click here for printable copy of crochet terms.

Also, please keep in mind. The tutorials are right-hand based. If I ever figure out how to make my hands work the other way around, I’ll share left-hand tutorials too.

Until next time, happy crocheting everyone!

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