Refurbished Lap Desk

Sep 10, 2017 | Home Decor | 0 comments

Earlier this year while we were cleaning out my granny’s barn, my brother ran across this broken old school desktop. When I saw it, my eyes lit up because I immediately knew what I could do with it. To me, it wasn’t a piece of trash to toss into the woodpile, it was an amazing find that could be flipped into a much-needed lap desk for my laptop.

It also makes me happy that I can take one of my granny’s yard sale treasures and turn it into something stylish, modern, and functional. I think she would be looking down from heaven and smiling at how it turned out. Maybe that’s where I get my love for old, broken things from too. When I see something that’s been well loved over the years, instead of throwing it away in favor of something new, I try to find a way to repurpose or refurbish it into something new again.

Not only does it save money, but you end up with something unique. This is not something you can walk into a big box store and buy. It’s special, and defiantly a conversation piece!

I love this simple little desk too because it’s super convenient for me. I like to work on my laptop while snuggled up on the couch with the kitties. This lap desk not only gives me a more substantial workspace, but it also has storage to boot! Now, instead of tossing my pens and notebook/sketch pads under the coffee table, I can keep them inside the lap desk along with my laptop when not in use. How awesome is that, ya’ll?

Anyway, let’s get on with the way this find got flipped into something cool:

First off, I took everything apart and tossed the metal hardware into some 91% Isotope alcohol to soak. There are a bunch of different ways to remove paint from metal, but this is what I had on hand. I let it soak overnight while I worked on the rest of the desktop pieces.

After everything was taken apart, I removed the decal and sanded everything down. Then I used some soapy water to clean everything up and remove all the dust.

After the wood had dried, it was time for paint. I went with a calming/neutral colored gray for the exterior and a soft pop of blue for the interior.

The next day, I took the hardware out of the Isotope alcohol and was able to remove the old paint by gently scrubbing it off with an old rag. A toothpick was also helpful in getting the paint out of the crevices.

After I had gotten as much of the paint off as possible, I set the pieces out to dry. Once dry, I prepped them for paint. Instead of using the same gray paint I used on the exterior, I went with a silver spray paint. A few light layers of paint later, and the hardware looked brand new, and you could move the hinges around without the paint sticking or peeling. That’s the beauty of a few light coats of spray paint as opposed to regular paint. It’s not as thick.

Once I had everything back together, it was time to work on the cushion for the bottom. I ran across this super cute cotton pattern and knew it was the way to go. It matched the interior color of my desk too so, Yea!

To attach the cushion to the bottom of the desk, I used Velcro and glue. Fabric glue for the cushion and a stronger glue for the base of the desk. This way if I ever needed to clean the cushion, it would be easy to remove.

As a finishing touch, I found this little glass bottle, that perfectly fit into the hole on top of the desk. I glued it down too so it wouldn’t fall out when I moved the desk around. It’s just a nice spot to hold your pens or what not while you’re working.

Anyway, I love how this turned out! So, the next time ya’ll run across something broken and old, instead of tossing it out, think about what new and awesome thing you can turn it into.

Until next time, happy creating ya’ll!

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