DIY Bracelets

May 28, 2016 | Crochet, Handmade Accessories, Tutorials | 0 comments

This week I started a new mixed-media project. It’s labor intensive, but going to be so worth it. Anytime I have an intense project, I tend to take frequent breaks. It’s good to rest and have a few mini projects going on the side. Keeps me from stressing out or overthinking things too much. Also, when I come back, I can look at it with fresh eyes to make sure it’s still going in a direction I love.

This week’s mini project has been DIY bracelets. I love making handmade jewelry. It’s fun, easy, unique and relatively quick to do. I also get to use up some of my scraps from old projects, which is always a bonus. Hey, a girl’s gotta have room for future scraps you know?

Anyway, for my first bracelet, I crocheted several circles together, and then I attached some hardware on the ends to give it a fancy closure. It’s simple, but so cute!

Here’s how I crocheted the circles:

1. First, create a magic circle. (If you don’t want to do a magic circle, you can chain 5 chains then slip stitch into the 1st chain.) Then single crochet 12 times into the circle, close with a slip stitch in the first single crochet made. Chain up 3 chains.

2. Make a puff stitch in the first single crochet, chain one, and repeat all the way around. You should end with 12 puff stitches. Close with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain made in the beginning. Chain up one chain.

3. Then single crochet three times in between each puff stitch. Close with a slip stitch in the first single crochet made.

For my next piece, I had some old bangle bracelets that I decided to crochet around. Again, super simple. Here’s the pattern if anyone wants to make one of their own:

1. First, single crochet all the way around the bangle until fully covered. Slip stitch into the first single crochet to close.

2. Second, chain up 3 chains.

3. Skip three chains. Slip Stitch into the 4th chain. Repeat till you get to the end. Slip stitch into the first chain you made.

 If you end up with an odd number, that’s okay. On one of mine, I ended up with 3 chains at the end, but it still looked cool.

It’s a simple bangle, but it’s frilly and lacy looking. Loving the bright, fun colors too. Perfect for summer!

Next up is cuff bracelets! The base pieces are rows and rows of half double crochets, ending with two chain loops to wrap around the buttons on the other end. The width and length are totally up to you. I went 1 ½ inches wide by 6 inches long cause that’s what fit my arm nicely. The length of your chain closure will vary too depending on the size of your button. 10 chains wrapped around my buttons easily.

For the kitty one, I had a scrap piece of fabric with cute kitty faces on it. I jazzed it up with some sparkly embroidery thread and simple straight stitches, then sewed it down to my crochet base and added some gold buttons that looked like balls of yarn. It’s simple, yet cute.

For the pearl one, I had some beaded string leftover from a project I can’t even remember. I just cut out strips and attached it with color coordinating thread. Then added pearl buttons on the end. It turned out fancy. Thinking I’m going to make some more of these in different colors. So fun!

Last but not least, is this super cute tassel bracelet. I just strung some colorful beads on a piece of metallic string, then attached my closure pieces. It was cute but too simple, so I accented it with a tassel and coordinating bead charm. For a photo tutorial on how to make a tassel, see my last blog post, Crochet Clutch.

It turned out so fun! I have to be careful when wearing it around the kitties, though, cause they like shiny, dangling things.

Now that I have lots of pretty new things to wear, it’s time to go back to my art project. Until next time ya’ll! Happy creating!

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