Crochet Clutch

May 15, 2016 | Crochet, Handmade Accessories, Tutorials | 0 comments

This week has mostly been a planning week for me. I’ve got several art projects rolling through my mind that I’m almost ready to start working on, and I’m all kind of excited about it too. I can’t wait to see each piece brought to life. It’s always a joyful moment for me to take something that only exists in my imagination and make it real. To be able to feel it and share it with everyone around me is just such an exciting thing to me. I hope ya’ll are excited too! Keep a look out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for sneak peeks to come!

Anyway, on to this cute little crochet clutch. When I finish sketching out some ideas, before I actually start working on them, I take a step away and do something else. I just need to clear my mind and do something different for a bit. Then when I come back, I can look at things with fresh eyes to see any issues I need to fix before I actually start working on a painting.

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to try my hand at purse making. So, after my sketching was done, I decided why not give it a go? It turned into a pretty nifty afternoon project too, and for a first attempt I think it turned out pretty neat, don’t you?

First, I crocheted the front and back pieces. It’s just simple single crochet stitches, nothing fancy. For those who want to know how I did the crochet part, here’s a quick set of directions:

Chain 30 +1
Single Crochet (SC) into the 2nd chain from the hook, and in all remaining chains. You should have 30 SC.
– Chain one.
– Turn work and SC in all. Repeat. Each time you should end up with 30 SC per row.

I made 24 rows. For the stripes, each stripe is 6 rows of SC.

Next, I picked out some coordinating fabric to line the bag with. I cut it 1-inch larger than the bag on each side. I wanted to be sure to have enough wiggle room if I needed to make any adjustments. Also, I knew I wanted something cute to tie to the zipper pull, but I was undecided if I wanted a tassel or granny circle or I made one of each so I could decide after the clutch was put together. 

After I gathered all my pieces, it was time to start putting this cute little thing together. First, I crocheted my front and back pieces together with simple slip stitches along three of the edges.

Then I prepped the lining to go in the bag. First, I turned the top edges down and stitched them, so the edges would be nice when you opened the bag. Next, I  sewed the other three edges of my lining pieces together. Took an adjustment or two before it fit the bag nicely, but that was why I left plenty of wiggle room! After I got it the way I wanted it, I trimmed off the excess fabric so it wouldn’t bulk up the interior.

Next, I figured it would be best to sew the zipper to the lining first, then attach it to the crochet part. I did this by hand. Planning to research this more, I’m sure there’s probably an easier way, although this worked out just fine. Happy, joy!

Once my zipper was on, it was time to decide on a zipper pull. In the end, I went with the tassel. Tassels are so much fun (just ask my cats!).

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a simple tassel too:

I just love how this turned out. It’s just small enough to fit only what you need in it for a quick trip to town, or for a makeup bag, which is probably what I will use it for. 

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