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This week I felt like working on something fun and light-hearted, so I decided to go in a sweet direction. Lollipops! Who didn’t love these as a kid? There were like a million different flavors, shapes and sizes, and they were all awesome.

The coolest ones were the swirly ones, which were just ridiculously huge. You always ended up a sticky mess, which I’m sure is why grandma rarely let me have one. Also, it was way too much sugar to ingest at once so, it may take days to eat the whole thing. Even with that said, they were still the coolest of all the lollipops.

Anyway, in honor of this ginormous, swirly candy on a stick, this piece is titled “Lollipop”. It’s a 9.5x12.5-inch mixed-media drawing. I started off with my colored pencils and Turpenoid. If you missed my Lazy Days of Summer post, check it out for more on why Turpenoid is awesome to use with colored pencils.

I realized that I was lacking in flesh toned pencils this week too, so I picked up a skin tone set by Derwent. I’ve still got to play around with them more, but so far I love them. The color is rich and works really well with my new friend, Turpenoid.

Next, to give her a little more oomph, I pulled out my markers and pens. I love how they give the drawing more definition along with an extra bump of color.

As for the star of this piece, I really wanted the lollipop to stand out, so I carved it out of some scrap balsa wood. A little paint and nail polish later, and it looks good enough to eat!

No drawing is complete without a little sparkly ya’ll, and I love this glitter paste. After it dries, the glitter is there to stay. It doesn’t rub off or anything! It goes on really easy too, and you can layer it for a more intense effect.

By this point, the background just seemed a little too blah, so I decided to jazz it up a bit with some metallic thread. I also sewed the edges of her shirt in a coordinating thread as a finishing touch.

Sewing on paper is much like sewing on fabric, but you have to be more delicate. If you are too rough with the paper, it will rip thus ruining your project. Also, it’s a wise choice to use a thicker paper, as thin paper tends to rip more easily.

As a finishing touch, I gently “stamped” some platinum ink onto the background with my finger. You don’t really notice it unless you’re up close, but I still love how it looks.

Playing around with all these different mediums and techniques has inspired me to see what kind of abstract creation I can make with paper as my base. Hummm….until next time folks!!

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