Lazy Days of Summer

Jul 10, 2017 | Fine Art | 0 comments

It has been such a beautiful, sunny, and warm July weekend. Too bad I’ve been indoors trying to get over the crud. Apparently, there isn’t really a name for this sickness, so I’m just calling it “The Crud” which sounds like an old horror film title that should be followed by “Dun, Dun, DUUUUN”. Hahaha, okay so maybe the prescription decongestant is getting to me a just little bit.

Anyway, I figured since I was stuck couch surfing this weekend, I might as well play around with a couple of new art goodies. I’ve been researching different blending techniques for colored pencils, so I figured now was a good time to give it a try.

This piece is titled “Lazy Days of Summer”. It’s a 13x16-inch mixed-media piece. I started out with just my colored pencils. Once I had some color on the paper, I started testing out my new goodies. First, I tried the blending pencil. It worked pretty well. It smoothed out the pencil lines and blended the color together nicely, but I found it was best for small spaces or details. It would have taken forever to blend the whole image with this tiny pencil considering how large it was.

So, for the larger areas, I used Turpenoid and Q-tips as my blender. This stuff is totally awesome ya’ll! Not only does it take just a tiny amount of liquid, but it blended everything together so smoothly. Also, while the paper was still damp, you could run over it again with your colored pencils, and the lines would be super smooth. I really did fall in love this stuff! It’s my new BFF when working on colored pencils.

Oh, before I forget, the more pigmented your pencils are the better. My pencil box is full of several different brands with different levels of pigmentation. Once I figured out it liked the more pigmented ones, I rummaged through my box and pulled out those to finish my drawing with.

For the ocean, before I used my colored pencils, I swiped parts of the area with a white oil pastel stick. Then I finished shading it in with my colored pencils before blending it with the Turpenoid. It turned out perfect. The white oil pastel showed through just enough, giving it a bit of movement to make it feel more like water.

Next, I outlined my figure so she would stand out more. It feels kind of comic bookish, but I don’t mind. I liked the effect.

By this point, it was starting to look pretty good, but I still felt like it needed something more. So here comes the sparkly ya’ll! Nail polish has so much more uses than just to make your fingernails look pretty. It gave her jewelry and outfit a bit of light catching shimmer which is perfect for any sunny summer day!

I also pulled out my markers to give the wood, trees, and sky just a little more oomph. There’s nothing bland about this girl!

Even after all of that, the sky still seemed a little too naked to me. So I pulled out some white acrylic paint and dabbed a bit on with a cotton ball to create clouds. It worked great, except next time I will use a sponge instead. The cotton kept sticking to the paper, so after it was dry, I had to rub the little bits of cotton off with a paper towel. That was a “live and learn” moment for sure, but I still got the effect I wanted, so it was okay.

Finally, it was time to make bubbles. I went the easy route and pulled out some more nail polish and a straw. Simply dab the end of the straw in the nail polish and stamp it onto the drawing. Ta-da! Bubbles!

I may have been confined to the house this weekend trying to get over this yucky crud (Dun, Dun, DUUUUN!), but at least I was able to bring a little bit of that happy, sunny, warm weather inside!

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