Jim Yates and The Sombrero Known Around The World

Jan 20, 2017 | Art Quilts | 0 comments

Howdy, ya’ll! I figured since today was inauguration day I would share this portrait quilt I did of a friend of ours, Jim Yates. We met him last year when my husband and I were following Donald Trump around on the campaign trail selling t-shirts.

That whole experience was incredibly interesting. Road tripping around this beautiful country of ours was amazing. The rallies themselves were so charged with energy both inside and outside of the events that you could feel it radiating all around you. Trump supporters were excited to get inside and hear their candidate’s speech. Outside the vendors were scouting out the best spots to sell their goods, while the protestors were doing the same to find the most exposure for their voices to be heard. News crews, police, and secret service were all over the place too adding to the excitement and intrigue. I’ve really never experienced anything like it before in my life.

Even though there was a lot of positive and negative energy swirling around, the people I met, both supporters and protestors alike, were really nice people. It was pretty cool to meet so many people and chat with them about their thoughts on this electoral race.

One of the folks we met was a fellow named Jim Yates. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You can’t help but smile when you’re in his presence. He’s also a huge Trump supporter, who tries to go to as many of the rallies as he can. He always wears a sombrero to the events too, which Trump usually points out during his speeches before launching into his goals for Mexico. His sombrero even earned a title “the sombrero known around the world”.

Anyway, let’s get to the art quilt itself! 

This is a 10x11.5-inch art quilt. I started by sewing on his clothing. I went with the outfit I’d seen him wear most often, which was a trump shirt, jacket, and sombrero.

After I got the clothing done, I added the embroidery to the shirt, facial features and hat. I think the hat is my favorite part!

Then I made his VIP badge and hat sticker out of paper and laminated it with packing tape. Simple, but effective.

I kept the background simple because I wanted him to stand out since he was the star of my piece. I picked blue jean material because he was usually wearing jeans, and it’s an all-American fashion choice which seemed appropriate for this project.

I hope he loves and enjoys his portrait as much as I do.

Until next time, happy creating everyone!

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