May Art Challenge: Flower Crown

May 10, 2017 | Art Challenges | 0 comments

As a follow-up to last month’s art challenge “April Showers”, this month’s challenge is all about flowers! April showers bring May flowers as the old saying goes. Anyway, even though this time of year is always rough on the allergies due to all the pollen, it’s one of the prettiest with all the bursts of beautiful spring flowers. I love driving around the neighborhood looking at everyone’s yards full of blossoming color. It’s just full of beauty which seems to brighten the soul and inspire the mind.

When I first envisioned this month’s piece, it was going to be a paper art piece, but this 24x24-inch canvas sitting in the corner of the studio kept calling my name. So I decided to change it up a bit, and I’m so happy that I did. This piece, “Flower Crown”, turned out so perfectly bohemian and ripe with spring color!

I started by creating a weathered background with some crackle glaze. The crackle effect made the canvas look like a piece of old wood that had been out in the sunshine for ages which I think is so cool! Also, I love how the shiny bronze color peeks through and adds just enough shimmer.

After the background was completed, I painted the figure on a piece of scrap canvas and glued it to the background. I wanted her to stand out just a little bit.

For her hair, I just sewed down some reddish-brown yarn.

Next, I added her dress. I love how breezy it feels, and the beaded detail adds just the right amount of sophistication to her outfit.

After that, I whipped up some earrings and a layered necklace, which I think turned out super cool and fun looking.

Lastly, I made a bunch of paper flowers and leaves for her crown. The purple and white flowers needed a little something more, so I gave them jeweled centers for a little more sparkle. Shiny makes everything better, you know!

Anyway, as always ya’ll, even though I’ve created this as a personal challenge, if any of ya’ll are inspired by the challenges too I would love to see your work. Just email me at with a jpeg of your piece along with your name and title of your work. I’ll post a few of the pieces on Thimble Belle’s Facebook page along with next month’s challenge.

Until next time ya’ll, happy creating!

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