February Art Challenge: Red Hot

Feb 6, 2017 | Art Challenges, Art Quilts | 0 comments

Red is a very sensual color. When you think of the color red, romance and passion are the first things that come to mind. So, it’s no surprise that the color red is everywhere in February. After all, Valentine’s Day is February 14th. Pretty much every store you walk into this time of year is overflowing with red hearts, red roses, red clothing and, accessories… Red everything.

So, with that in mind, this month’s challenge is dedicated to the color Red. I was going to go red on red, but I thought the red on black not only stood out more but gave off a more sensual feeling. Thus the name of this piece, “Red Hot”. 

This piece is a 6.5x8.5-inch art quilt. I started by transferring the image to my fabric. There’s probably a lot of different ways to transfer an image to dark fabric, but I go with a cheap, but very effective way. First I color a piece of paper with white chalk to make my own carbon paper. Then I just lay it on my fabric and put the image on top of it then I trace over it with a pencil. Any leftover chalk dust wipes right off.

I’ve always thought, why buy something, when I can achieve the same effect using what I have on hand. Waste not want not is what I always say.

Anyway, after the image was traced on, I embroidered the image onto my fabric. I wanted it to have this sketched feeling, so I kept the stitches uneven. I love the finished look too. It’s not perfect, but there is a perfection in its imperfections. If that makes any sense.

Last, but not least, I beaded around the border to give it a bit of sparkle and added oomph. The finished look is just beautiful.

Anyway, as always ya’ll, even though I’ve created this as a personal challenge, if any of ya’ll are inspired by the challenges too I would love to see your work. Just email me at Krena@thimblebelle.com with a jpeg of your piece along with your name and title of your work. I’ll post a few of the pieces on Thimble Belle’s Facebook page along with next month’s challenge.

Until next time ya’ll, happy creating!

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