December Art Challenge: Holla Daze

Dec 3, 2016 | Art Challenges | 0 comments

Can you believe it’s already December? That thought is what inspired this month’s art challenge. There’s always so much to do, parties to attend, and sensory overload that by the time Christmas Eve rolls around you feel like you’re in a Holla Daze. It’s a happy daze, but when it’s all over you have to sit down and think about how quickly everything seemed to fly by. I always find myself thinking, “wow, I can’t believe it’s all over, and it will be a whole year before it’s here again”.

Anyway, let’s talk about this art piece. It’s a 9x11 piece titled “Holla Daze”. She’s decked out in all her holiday wear, ready to party the night away. First I used color pencils, then accented it with pens and sparkly nail polish.

After I had her the way I wanted her to look, I painted the border silver and cut her and the border out.

I went wild with the background and gave it a painted ombre effect in blue. Then I went back with a dry feather brush and added some silver ink for a little extra shiny.

All that was left was to hot glue the two pieces together. I love how she stands out from the pretty winter night background.

Anyway, as always ya’ll, even though I’ve created this as a personal challenge, if any of ya’ll are inspired by the challenges too I would love to see your work. Just email me at with a jpeg of your piece along with your name and title of your work. I’ll post a few of the pieces on Thimble Belle’s Facebook page along with next month’s challenge.

Happy creating everyone!

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