April Art Challenge: April Showers

Apr 1, 2017 | Art Challenges | 0 comments

This month’s art challenge was inspired by that age old saying: “April showers bring May flowers”. It’s true too. It’s been raining a lot around here lately, and all the winter trees are starting to turn green again. The plants are starting to sprout buds with the promise of blossoming flowers to come. Pretty soon, everywhere you look will be a wonderland filled with lush greenery, and a kaleidoscope of spring colors.

Anyway, let’s get back to this month’s creation. This piece is a 10x20-inch mixed-media painting. I must admit, I had a lot of fun playing around with different painting techniques on this one. The background alone is composed of four different techniques!

First, I started off with acrylic paint and rubbing alcohol. It gave me some pretty cool raindrop effects. After that, I poured some and splattered some paint on the canvas to give it even more of a rainy day look. Lastly, I marbled some paint at the bottom to give a feel of splashing around in the rain. I think the end result turned out pretty awesome cool!

After I got the background looking the way I wanted it too, it was time to work on the figure. I wanted her to stand out against the background, so I painted her on a scrap piece of canvas, then glued her to the background.
As a final touch, I added some sparkle by gluing on some sequins. The swirly pattern not only adds some glimmer but gives you the feel of a windy, rainy day.
I absolutely love how this piece turned out, and can’t wait to get started on next month’s piece, “May Flowers”.

Anyway, as always ya’ll, even though I’ve created this as a personal challenge, if any of ya’ll are inspired by the challenges too I would love to see your work. Just email me at Krena@thimblebelle.com with a jpeg of your piece along with your name and title of your work. I’ll post a few of the pieces on Thimble Belle’s Facebook page along with next month’s challenge.

Until next time ya’ll, happy creating!

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